Are you anxious, depressed, or having trouble in relationships?

Online Mindfulness Course


After meeting with clients face-to-face for 15 years, I have come to understand key patterns that lead to anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties. Along this journey, I have also discovered the power of mindfulness in explaining how these problems develop, and how people can free themselves from their own harmful habits and difficult emotions. Simply put, practicing awareness of the present moment allows us to see more clearly how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected. Through this clarity, we are also better able to see new options and to make better choices in our lives.

I love sharing mindfulness with my clients. But as a therapist whose schedule is often full, I wanted to find options that would allow me to reach more people. I know there are many of you out there who feel alone in your struggles and are searching for help. Because I would love to share mindfulness with more people like you, I am creating an online course.

Scroll down to learn more about the upcoming course on mindfulness and view an early sneak peek of one of the lessons!


About Dr. Vaughn

In almost 15 years as a therapist, I have acquired many techniques to treat common mental health problems. More recently, I have been interested in using the theories and practices of mindfulness to treat these problems. To enhance my knowledge and skills, I recently completed a certificate training course in mindfulness with some of the top experts in the field. I can work with you to see how mindfulness fits in your life. My approach will give you better understanding, tools, and techniques to better navigate the difficult ups and downs of life.

More About the Course

The goal for this course is for you to gain a solid understanding of the concepts involved in mindfulness. I will also show you how to practice mindfulness through many guided meditations and daily exercises.

If you would like to learn some new skills that will help you to better manage anxiety, depressed moods, difficult relationships, and many other painful problems, please consider enrolling in my course. This 7-week course is currently being developed with anticipated launch in Summer 2018. The course format includes video presentations, and comes with lifetime access.

Below is a sneak peek of one of the lessons in my mindfulness program. This is the full Section 1 Lesson 2 video and is one of my favorites. In this video, I explain what mindfulness is and help you to begin laying a foundation for real change in your life. Inside the video, you will be prompted for your email address. Please provide your email to see the full lesson preview and I’ll let you know as additional content becomes available.

Course Outline

The course is organized into seven sections. These sections are intended to provide both a solid understanding of the most important aspects of mindfulness. Each section is comprised for two-to-four lessons.

  • The Foundation

    Learn the core concepts of mindfulness including what it is, what it isn’t, and why you want to learn and practice it.

  • The Mindful Attitude

    Mindfulness is more than just a technique, it involves a way of approaching and relating to your experience.

  • Working with Thoughts

    Thoughts and beliefs play a key role in most mental health problems. Learn to notice how this happens and how to loosen the grip of negative thinking patterns.

  • Understanding Emotions

    Most of us aren’t taught to understand our emotions. Learn about emotions and how to respond to them mindfully.

  • Changing Patterns

    Harmful habits and behavior patterns often leave us stuck and frustrated. I’ll talk about how mindfulness can help us loosen their grip.

  • A New Relationship

    A common thread between depression, anxiety, and other problems involves how you relate to yourself. Learn how to change this relationship for the better.

  • Putting It All Together

    You’ve learned so much the last 6 weeks, I’ll help you to take mindfulness with you after the course.


To make an appointment for mindfulness coaching, please call or email me.