What You Resist Persists

Kristin VaughnMindfulness

The famous Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, once said that what we resist tends to persist. This was not an entirely new concept, but one that has been known for centuries. It is a key concept in mindfulness practice, and one that lies at the heart of most mental health problems, as well as the general problems of daily life. But … Read More

How Mindfulness Can Change Our Brain

Kristin VaughnMindfulness

As I’ve been practicing mindfulness in my own life, I’ve noticed some significant changes.  These include a better ability to tolerate stressful situations, ability to more quickly change the course of a bad mood, as well as a decreases in conflict in my relationships.  All of these things are great, and they prove to me that mindfulness has helped.  This … Read More

What is Mindfulness?


Because of its increasing popularity in the past five years, I’m guessing you have heard about Mindfulness. But what exactly is Mindfulness and how can you make use of it? Quite simply, Mindfulness is a way of being with and paying attention to your own experience on a moment to moment basis. Instead of being caught up in thinking and … Read More